Bergstop Silkliner

The Silkliner is made of 100% pure silk ripstop. The Silkliner features a hoodie and arms. The bottom can be opened using the drawstring (finally feel free to move around in your silk inlet).

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The CozyBag is a jacket, blanket and a sleeping bag in one product. Be prepared for every occasion.

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CozyBag, three products in one:

  •     Jacket
  • Blanket
  • Sleepingbag
Three Products in one - cozybag

The Bergstop packsack is included for free with every CozyBag!

We also include a conventional packsack for your sleeping bag. The Bergstop packsack can be purchased separately.


How do you use your CozyBag?


«The CozyBag offers great flexibility in any camping adventure. Use the restroom without leaving the warmth of the sleeping bag, hug your wife whenever she's cold or use your pocket light without opening the sleeping bag.»
Pascal Girardat, co-founder Bergstop


«I love to hang out with friends after a full day of windsurfing. The Bergstop CozyBag is simply perfect for that.»
Balz Müller, Freestyle Windsurfer